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Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
This is a passage from a forum where someone called Iggy asked me a question…


If you could speak to all Christians, from lay person through to pastors, priests, elders, bishops, etc., what would you want to say to them? What would you want them to hear?

My Reply

Well that’s a brilliant question.

I think a few things.

Firstly I’d ask that if you are straight you come along side us and understand that we have the same struggles with the Bible over this issue you do. Except for us as LGBT people it really matters what the outcome is as it affects our lives. If you are straight, your theology on this matter does not affect you directly, apart, perhaps from making you find it difficult to deal with us. If you decide we have to be celibate, then we have to live with that and being alone is hard. For some of us almost unbearable.

We ask to be loved and accepted without judgement into churches AS WE ARE, just like you are accepted. For example, it’s really difficult when you attend a church where they are fine with you until you get into a relationship then things get difficult, it’s a kind of conditional love.

Most of all, I ask church leaders and christians to talk with us. I am really happy to go and talk to anyone even if they really struggle with these issues, in an open an honest discussion. I think that both the LGBT community and the church need to talk. I have done talks for mens group on how it feels to be a gay person who is a Christian. A lot of them are shocked.

You see, this is not about a few verses from the bible. it’s about peoples lives and how Jesus can reach us. For some reason he does, for some reason people like me fall madly in love with his power, his strength, his ability to heal and save and mainly Jesus himself. He reaches across all the prejudice and hate towards us. Even though I’ve been through hell. I’m still standing in Him.



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