Sunday at a new church

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have found the most wonderful, accepting, non-judgemental church.

Went on Sunday with my two kids who had a great time. My youngest was pretty worried she’d not found a new friend yet after 1/2 hour, but that was soon rectified and she was holding hands with a little girl called Millie.

I’m in the band already which is great. They all know I’m gay. I was really upfront about it.

There is a lovely lady there who asked people questions like “are you gay?” she asked someone who said no, and I looked up, “Oh”, she said, “I’ve offended someone”, “no”, I replied, “I’m gay”, she nearly died of shock, the vicar burst into fits of laughter followed by most of the small congregation. I don’t think she ever expected anyone to say yes! We’ve become great friends!

Upon returning home we asked the kids which church they wanted to go to, my oldest said “Oh St John’s, because they really care about Daddy”. Says it all doesn’t’ it.

That’s how powerful unconditional acceptance is.


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