Compromising my faith and a new church.

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

When some Christian’s think of us Gay people they think to love us could be compromising  their faith.

Perhaps not to love us is to compromise their faith.

Belonging to a church that demonstrates the unconditional “take me as I am” kind of love creates in someone like me a real desire to follow Christ. Being welcomed unconditionally, even if I were to find a partner, means I can come, with out one plea to Christ, knowing these people, this church of God will not judge me because I am weak and find it difficult to survive on my own.

I’m experiencing a new kind of church, a church where the old pews meet with a lively exciting new kind of worship, not happy clappy but deeply reverent but yet allowing a boy dressed as a cowboy to take part in communion from the pulpit steps, allowing us all, young and old to be who we are, even in the solomn surroundings of altars, candles and stained glass windows.

None of the marble splendour of history counts when it comes to Christ, only community in him. The bride of Christ, after all, is not a stone wall, stained glass window or unfriendly alter, the Bride of Christ, is a bunch of folk in love with him, its BBQ’s, swimming pools, abandoned worship, hope, faith, love, sacrifice, enacted in his people.

I have not been in this church long, my last church was awesome don’t get me wrong, but I think I had too much history, it was that church I was outed in, that church I separated from my wife in. Now it’s time for her and me to get healed up. Someone in my last church said I did irreparable damage to her, but then I pointed out that the teachings of the church at that time had done that, I had purely acted on what I was told, that I could choose to be straight. I’m not excusing myself from living a lie, that was wrong. I caused a lot of pain and I have to live with that.

You see what church should do is cause wandering children to reach out for Christ, wandering children like me, I have been a prodigal in church for too long, I’ve been afraid of what others think of me, in essence fear of the people in church made me live a half life, trying to do everything I could to be accepted but never feeling accepted, because of one small thing in my life that I or anyone else seemed unable to change. Even God himself did not seem willing to fix the problem despite the incredible pain it caused.

So well done St John’s at last I can be myself and I like it.


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