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1. We love Pink.

We don’t, well some of us do.

2. We all have a gay agenda.

The gay agenda thing was invented by right wing Christian’s in America who think that we want to take over the world and make it rainbow coloured. Well, God already made it Rainbow coloured and frankly  we just want to be accepted as who we are.

3. All our friends who are the same sex as us are automatically gay, bi or confused.

WRONG, well apart from… oh sorry.

4. We are all flamboyant and confident

Wrong, a lot of us are quite scared, introverted and isolated, some of us feel like we don’t fit in anywhere. This is not something you would choose.

5. God hates us


6. Church hates us

Actually, a lot has changed in the church, basically there are 3 different views.

a. You’re going to hell please don’t come to our church
b. You’re only going to hell if you get into a relationship otherwise you’d be welcome
c. You’re welcome in our church with your partner (and your cat, actually don’t bring your cat).

Each of them are quite justifiable from the Bible, what would be nice is if churches put something on their website.




7. Just because someone is in a straight relationship they must be straight

A lot of people get married to try and make themselves straight. Life is not black and white, it’s a sort of mauve grey colour sometimes and there are people who are not quite straight who are married and choose to stay that way.

8. You can make someone gay

I don’t think someone can actually choose to be gay or straight, I know for me I tried for years to choose to be straight and ended up hurting a lot of people.

9. Hitting someone with chickens will make them straight.

No it won’t. There are some places in Africa where this is a treatment, really!

10. Transgender people are always gay.


11. Drag queens are always gay


12. Camp people are always gay


13. Gay people are always camp.

Very wrong. (apart from 2 guys I know, man they are camp, and gay)

14. The Bible condemns homosexuality.

You need to study some more, there’s very little in the Bible about it (6 or 7 things), there’s far more about Justice, Mercy, Love, forgiveness, Hope, Peace and what you do with your money. Perhaps those are the things we should concentrate on.

Most LGBT people who are Christians or even other faiths struggle with this, so don’t judge us, help US work it through and work out our faith in trembling and fear.

15. LGBT people want to be treated differently.


16. Other people have a right to tell us how to live


17. We have to come out

Wrong. If anyone ever tells you they are gay, don’t tell anyone let them do it, it’s their job not yours. Incredible damage has been caused.

18. What do I say to someone who comes out to me?

When this happens the person you thought you knew turns out to be different. But really, they ARE the person you thought you knew, there is just something special to them they have felt safe enough with you to share. That, is an honour.

a. Don’t assume they fancy you, really, have you seen yourself?
b. Affirm them and say they are still your friend and as far as you are concerned nothing has changed apart from the fact they are different.
c. Give them a hug. (unless they are particularly smelly)
d. Treat it as normal, try not to look incredibly shocked unless you are.
e. Remember when they find out your secret you need them to support you.



Chapel of Love.

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Opinion


Across the road a small group representing the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, of Kansas, cheerfully waved signs declaring that “God Hates Fags”.
Gay rights activists formed around the queue of happy couples, raised rainbow-coloured umbrellas to shield them from the protesters, and sang Chapel of Love to drown out the shouts, while members of Jewish and Christian congregations arrived with signs declaring that God supported gay marriage.
The Times, 25th July 2011 

In this scene from New York’s first gay weddings we see five groups of people, the happy couples, the guests, the West Boro Baptist church chanting their message of hate and another two groups, Jews and Christians with signs saying God supports gay marriage.

Westboro’s ineffective campaign of hate drowned out by not only “The Chapel of Love” but Christian’s and Jews standing together with loving couples sharing their day. I wish I could have been there.

To the couples I say congratulations
To the jews and christians supporting us I say thank you
To Westboro I just ask you to go and read your bible and find out who Jesus really is. I think he’d be at the reception turning water in to wine for them. Oh but ofcourse you probably think it was non-alcoholic.

Lastly, to the Times newspaper, well done, lovely report, well written and concise.



Read more and watch the video:

Oh come on people.

A jewish man has killed an 8 year old child.

No one likes to see people accused of something they have not done, this guy is saying that because of us gays a child has been killed, did we kill the child, no, had we any part in his life, guess what, no. God is a just God why would he take a child’s life to send some kind of weird message that gay marriage is wrong, that we are wrong.

Perhaps, the truth is, the child was killed because a man IN YOUR COMMUNITY has committed a terrible crime. You, as the leaders of the community need to deal with it not palm the responsibility off to a group of other people. When we are grieving over something we often want to find someone to blame. Be careful you do not do another group of people a terrible terrible injustice.

Perhaps the real truth is, that you want, like a lot of so called Christians to use anything to back up your own insecurities instead of trying to understand and dialog with us. We are not monsters, we are human beings.


Pray for this Rabbi and that community that they are able to take responsibility and to deal with their grief in a real way. Not palming everything off to another group of people, because injustice,  as we know from scripture, is something God hates.







I have this pink paperclip in my wallet.

A good friend of mine gave it to me and ever since I’ve used it as a reminder to think about and indeed pray for those who are LGBT for whom the freedom to live their life as the person they really are is not possible. Also for those who have committed suicide because of their sexualty and their families coming to terms with it. For those for whom being LGBT is just hard. Bullied or hated.

Every time I see a person who has been executed, bullied or committed suicide in this way, I wear this paperclip on my shirt as a reminder to me to pray for them. People ask why and I tell them.

I’m not saying that you should do the same as me. But you know sometimes something simple can carry a huge message.

I hope, one day, this paperclip will stay in my wallet and not come out. But until then. Here it is.  

I’m watching a documentary on BBC3 tonight called Jamie Drag Queen at 16.

He’s an out, gay 16 year old who wants to be a drag queen. I found it incredibly moving, the guy is very brave. He’s going to dress in his drag to his school prom. His desire to show people who he really is overcomes his need to be accepted. That, to me is brave.

He, like a lot of guys who are cross dressers/trans people, although he doesn’t want to become a woman, started dressing up as a child he’s a guy when he’s not in drag. His secret prom plans to go in drag were put to play hen his teacher found out and he was called “disgusting” by his school. He said “how is it people can discriminate against gay people and cross dressers”, ” they don’t even understand, they are not even giving me the chance to help them understand”.

“I just want his acceptance, it’s all I want” he said about his Father. The truth is, all of us want to be accepted as we are, we want to be ourselves, without others judging us. Treat others with the love that you want, remember some of us even fear what you are going to say. I for instance don’t go to some church events because I don’t think I’ll be accepted. Normally, happily, I think I’m wrong.

Jamie found the same, his awesome friends who said we’re not going in unless he did. His dad, is sadly a different story in the end. Jamie, if I was there I would be your dad, because I don’t know about every one else but you made me really proud. Good for you. Jamie’s mum you are awesome, I remember a friend of mine who is a cross dresser coming out to his mum, there was an awkward silence, then she said “oh well, have to go shopping then”. That sort of acceptance and love makes us strong.

We should all think what we would say to this guy. Or to someone who is different from ourselves, whoever they are. Or better, what would Jesus say? “I love you but” or just “I love you, follow me”, remember, this world is powered by differences, and this guy, is an example of a strong, beautiful person.

Jamies page on Face book is Here , you can watch him in action Here

So the government is considering allowing people to refuse to serve people who are LGBT based on their sexuality and the servers religion, that means if you go to a shop and the person doesn’t like you they can claim they “Thought you were gay” and those would not serve you.

Am I going to have to wear a badge to show wether I’m gay or not so that I don’t get accidentally served by one of these people?.

Frankly these people need to read their Bible, we are exactly the people Jesus would make a b-line for, he served us by dying for us. The ultimate sacrifice. Christianity and the Bible teach that everyone who comes to Christ for forgiveness will receive forgiveness, there is not one place where it says that LGBT people are not covered by his blood.

We’re all sinners, not one is better than another, not one is less needing of the Sacrifice of Christ. No person has a right to discriminate on who can receive salvation.

LGBT people, God loves us, Jesus died for us and we are really special to Him.



And he was saying,

“Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”

And He said to him,

“Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

But Jesus, surely this man has to be baptised, christened, a church member, surely lord he must DO something good to make up for his sin? Surely, oh. Obviously not.

The trouble with Jesus is that he doesn’t fit into the rules we try and make. We don’t understand grace because we want to be living under law, law is safe, safe to know you have a set of rules that perhaps are not rules. If we cannot please God by the number of worship songs we sing, or our tithes, we cannot please God by performing some ritual, but only by humble submission and acceptance of the free gift he offers, a relationship, through his Son.

The wind of the Holy Spirit cannot blow if the boats are chained in the harbour. God, break our chains, Holy spirit, blow our sales to love and care for those around us.