Why is accepting who you are much easier if others accept you?

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Imagine, if you will, that you grew blue hair.

You looked in the mirror and saw your awesome blue hair, it was bright and lovely, but when you went out very few people liked your blue hair, suddenly something that was beautiful to you becomes a curse.

I used to hate being gay. I thought it was an illness, a curse. I know some people think that, but I did, I was convinced I must have done something terribly wrong to be gay.

But when you are loved and accepted by others AS a gay person it’s much easier to come to terms with it. Perhaps being an LGBT person is actually something beautiful, something different, perhaps God is, as Rob, the vicar says “more interested in what you do with your money”.

Jesus, died for all of us, he, placed HIS price on us, his own life. Even if we are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans or straight. He still loves us, whatever.

God’s love is perfectly displayed in a child holding a candle. The barriers created by the world to Him are not really there, he is just a breath away, just a moment, just a second of laying down my life at the foot of the cross so he can bring me a new one.

I learned a lot from the baptisms at our church on Sunday. I learned that I can accept myself as I am, that God accepts me as I am, and although I am fully open to him changing me, if he doesn’t change me, then he gives me the grace to live, as I am and I can accept myself just as he does and others do at my church.

Am I proud that I’m gay? I struggle to say that I am to be honest, because I’m moving from it being an illness to being, actually, something strange and beautiful. Being gay is not just about who you are attracted to physically, it’s about the way you look at things as well, much as being a Christian is like that. If being gay was about sex, then I have done a very bad job at it!.

Gay pride, here I come! (except please don’t expect me to walk around in skimpy underwear, I’m really not made for it).


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