Transgender people who change sex when married HAVE TO DIVORCE to be recognised.

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Even if they are in  a loving relationship someone who changes sex when married has to divorce and re-marry in the UK to have their new sex recognised.

The trauma of gender changing is enough without this terrible legal rubbish. If someone is married simply change the paperwork and let people live in peace.

I know technically this would legalise gay marriage which some people can’t cope with. But if someone is ALREADY married as a straight person let them stay married as the true person that they are.

If I eat lunch is it a gay lunch?
If I commit my life to another person of the same sex is it a gay marriage?

If you are going to make laws for people to live by, then you should live by them yourself. If you prohibit LGBT people from being in any kind of committed relationship, then you should try being celibate, single and alone for a bit, because, unless God calls you to it, it’s not fun.



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