Should someone have to refuse service to someone because they are LGBT?

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

So the government is considering allowing people to refuse to serve people who are LGBT based on their sexuality and the servers religion, that means if you go to a shop and the person doesn’t like you they can claim they “Thought you were gay” and those would not serve you.

Am I going to have to wear a badge to show wether I’m gay or not so that I don’t get accidentally served by one of these people?.

Frankly these people need to read their Bible, we are exactly the people Jesus would make a b-line for, he served us by dying for us. The ultimate sacrifice. Christianity and the Bible teach that everyone who comes to Christ for forgiveness will receive forgiveness, there is not one place where it says that LGBT people are not covered by his blood.

We’re all sinners, not one is better than another, not one is less needing of the Sacrifice of Christ. No person has a right to discriminate on who can receive salvation.

LGBT people, God loves us, Jesus died for us and we are really special to Him.




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