I have this pink paperclip in my wallet.

A good friend of mine gave it to me and ever since I’ve used it as a reminder to think about and indeed pray for those who are LGBT for whom the freedom to live their life as the person they really are is not possible. Also for those who have committed suicide because of their sexualty and their families coming to terms with it. For those for whom being LGBT is just hard. Bullied or hated.

Every time I see a person who has been executed, bullied or committed suicide in this way, I wear this paperclip on my shirt as a reminder to me to pray for them. People ask why and I tell them.

I’m not saying that you should do the same as me. But you know sometimes something simple can carry a huge message.

I hope, one day, this paperclip will stay in my wallet and not come out. But until then. Here it is.  

  1. charleychrizzy says:

    Wow. This story really shows how such a tiny thing can make a huge difference in the world.This is such an inspiring story. You are such a kind man.

    • Paul C says:

      Thank you – Truth is, I attempted suicide 7 times. The last time I was taken to hospital by the police. So all this is very close to home. 🙂 Thanks Charley.

  2. Robin says:

    Good idea! I’ll do the same thing. I’ve got “pink paperclips” on my shopping list!

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