Was Hurricane Irene because of Gay Marriage in New York?

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Christian Ethics

1 and 1 is 10 at least in binary.

It had to happen, it normally does. People who think they know God deciding why things happen. I think that’s his domain actually. Jesus was once asked why a tower fell on some people and actually he never says.

Firstly Huricane Irene actually missed New York. She came, she brushed past, killed 20 people which, is 20 too many, but only 20.

I notice a few of the people claiming it was God’s judgement against New York for legalising Gay Marriage have been mysteriously deleted. Perhaps they would like to admit they were “WRONG!?!!?!?”.

Ok here’s some points.

1. There has been gay marriage all over the place but God has seemingly ignored it?
2. Don’t you think God would be more annoyed/concerned about world poverty? What about the leaders of countries that oppress and kill their people? Isn’t he bothered about that, why does he not send them a hurricane.

Often in life we look for a why to things, but you know it’s ok not to know why, just that it was a  chance for this wild, wonderful human race to demonstrate compassion and strength. Things that God wants in all of us.

These are the beginnings of birth pains. Matthew 24:4

  1. Juliet says:

    Hmmm. So how come Germany didn’t get a hurricane during the holocaust??? Or how about Britain during the 400 years of transatlantic slave trading??? Or Rwanda during the recent genocide??? 3 possible answers:1. he couldn’t be arsed at the time; 2. god finds 2 same sex people making a loving commitment more offensive than torture, mass murder, kidnap, genocide etc.; 3. God only looks at America; 4. Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon and not an expression of God’s displeasure with government policies.

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