The Hidden Wall

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Christian Ethics


Yesterday I decided to do some DIY, there is annoying wall with a tiny square hatch between my kitchen and living room (saloon) on my boat, I’ve lived on this boat for about 8 years and actually really love it. But this wall and I had fallen out. I just wanted it gone.

I started pulling at it only to discover there was a hidden secret in the wall, the most beautiful cut wood arch, It looks like the sort of thing you’d find in a church. Through it I can now see the roses and castle painting above the cooker and the light beams in through the kitchen window.

In a way, all of us can be like that, have a wall up to protect ourselves, or hide our true selves because we are afraid and, instead, just show the wall that we THINK people want to see. Even perhaps, to God, as if he can’t see through it.

When I came out it was really painful, like tearing away the hardboard hiding the arch, but once I’m here, I’m out and not hiding any more, you know it’s not so bad.

Jesus wants us to be who we really are before him, it’s far more beautiful than any wall we could put up.


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