Is it so important to be right?

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Opinion

As I think about my growing up in an evangelical church background and moving to a progressive Anglican church I am constantly challenged about things I held as “sacred”. That in itself is an awesome thing because it tests my faith and testing my faith refines it and makes it grow.

I think one of the things about Christians sometimes is the need to be right, and sticking to ones Rightness to a point of obsession. Rather like the Pharisees of Jesus time.

Dealing with my own gay attractions has been much like ping ponging from one Internet site to another, from one resource to another, but still wanting my life to be right and honouring to God. But being confused sometimes about what that involves.

but today’s bible study made me think about how much we REALLY know God, or even about him from the minuscule Bible of 66 books.

I think, on the Gay issue, I have several points of reference, The bible is pretty useless on the subject. There are doctrines all over the Internet from the left to the right wing views that just leave someone like me either looking for a Christian willing to kill me to complete acceptance of Gay marriage, both have good, solid arguments, both being compelling and leaving me frankly a bit stuck. My relationship with God bears a lot on this and finally my relationships with others when I was in a relationship with a girl something felt wrong, when I was with a guy I felt right, loving him and being together, my own conscience and experience. Could God be at the centre of such a relationship? Or am I supposed to remain alone?

The truth is I think that there are many things that are solid, salvation through Christ, the 10 commandments, but other things where it seems the bible remains embarrassingly silent, the problem of pain and suffering. Why is one person healed another not? The truth is, these things are best left to God, it’s a cop out in a way, I know, but if we knew everything about everything, we would be God. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Actually the whole LGBT thing falls into this category, in reality we really don’t know. Perhaps then it is for each person to work out their own faith with trembling and fear on this subject, for those who do not have this thorn in the side to not judge but support us as we seek to please God in the best way we can. To find our place in his Kingdom.

If you think the bible stands clear on this try
Http// (the great debate)


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