Posted: September 10, 2011 in Christian Ethics

1. He never took an offering
2. He never offered something in exchange for money and then pretended you were giving a gift
3. He did not condemn LGBT people
4. He did not say that religious people were right, instead they were told that they were so right they were wrong and the ones that were wrong were right
5. He did not seek the limelight and in fact seemed to want to be alone
6. He did not rely on his own resources but took Gods view on what he could see
7. He did not shut the gates of heaven in people’s faces even if they were the worst of sinners
8. He did not get impressed by big churches, amazing worship or people with great hair dos, instead he was impressed by poor men of faith, simple loaves and fishes, moments of greatness of humility and justice for the poor
9. He was not afraid to cry, or laugh
10. He was not afraid to break mans rules to show Gods love whatever the cost of that was
11. He did not come to start an empty religion but to put us back in contact with the creator even if the cost of doing so cost him his earthly life
12. He taught us not to cling on to anything or anyone except the one who would never let us go

I love him, because in the end he showed his love to all of us whoever and whatever we are


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