Gay marriage. No thanks.

Posted: September 12, 2011 in LGBT Issues

WARNING: The following blog post contains a rant.

Well that probably shocked you and you’re probably finding that someone like me,  a gay person, should not be opposed to having a life partner in a marriage kind of structure.

The church of scotland, bless them, are against Gay Marriage. .

“A government which favours and allows for same sex ‘marriage’ does wrong. It fails in its duty to society. It undermines the common good. It commits an act of cultural vandalism. Such a government does not deserve the trust which the nation, and including many in the Catholic community, has shown in it.” (I don’t think the Catholic church often deserves the trust a lot of gay people put in it and sometimes it has committed cultural vandalism but has conveniently forgotten that)

He added that governments “do not have the authority to say what marriage is or to change its nature or to decree that people of the same sex can marry”. (actually, legally they do, in fact it wasn’t till the 4th century AD that a GOVERNMENT banned same sex marriage

Cardinal Keith O’Brien wrote in the Scottish Mail on Sunday that gay parenting “means that our society deliberately chooses to deprive a child of either a mother or a father”. (What about single parents?, or where a parent dies? Hmm?)

He added: “All children deserve to begin life with a mother and father, the evidence in favour of the stability and well being which this provides is overwhelming and unequivocal. It cannot be provided by a same sex couple however well intentioned they may be.” (Do you actually know any same sex families?, come on, how can an institution that supported pedophiles have anything to say on this subject and be credible?)

Last week, Mario Conti, the Archbishop of Glasgow, said that allowing gay marriage would be “foolish” and render marriage “meaningless”. (Surely people getting married and divorced over and over renders it meaningless but you have nothing to say about that, marriages that are for some other purpose like to please someone else are meaningless).

Well frankly, If you’re that worried about us being together for life in a stable relationship. You can take marriage and keep it to yourselves. I don’t want it, I would rather show that I’m mature enough now to choose a life partner, write a legal agreement and have a party. I don’t need the church to wave their blessing over it. If God blesses us that’s enough. I know of at least 5 clergy who would perform a ceremony anyway. If I don’t call it marriage that’s cool.

For me ofcourse it’s hypothetical, but I wonder how many children who have no parents would be grateful even if the parents were both of the same sex, in fact the same sex families that I know like this, seem to be doing just fine!.

To be honest, I know that some Christians (actually most that read this are wonderful, real Christians who show me and those like  me the love and open arms that Jesus did).

So, give me a partner (please God!), a lovely set of supportive family and friends, a summers day, the church God created on the side of a hill with no walls and the best stained glass windows you could ever imagine, let me hear the singing of the birds and perhaps someone to pray over us, then we can go sign some legal, binding agreement, have a great party and live happily ever after.

Keep your marriage thing thanks. I’m going to have a wonderful colourful day. (if I ever find anyone stupid enough to fall madly in love with me, and I with him).

Jesus said “If someone takes your coat, don’t stop him from taking your shirt”. (Luke 6:29). So you can have marriage, confirmation and all the other silly unbiblical ceremonies you have invented to fill the church coffers. I don’t need your tall spires, your stained glass windows, your orders of service. Because my God is bigger. If it makes you happy. Cool. But I live out here in the real world, where there are poor, broken, hurting people. A world where not everyone is 100% straight, gender sure, seeing, hearing or even able as a “normal person”. But everyone is 100% valuable to God and through Christ can receive his love.

I want to experience the living God, hear his voice, see his power. I guess I’ll probably be alone forever, but with him I’m never alone. It just took me time to get there.

The rant is now over, so we can return to normal blogging (sorry)


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