Why I hate religion and I think Jesus did to.

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Opinion

So 550 “people of faith” turned up to a meeting to work out how to oppose gay marriage.

Did Jesus support such activism? Or in fact encourage it.


In fact his activism was founded on love and serving others. Caring for the poor and needy, healing the sick. A mother Theresa kind of sacrifice. A passion for those who cannot help themselves.

I am frankly, very very tired, for pharisaical religion that creates a whole load of rules for LGBT people to live by, and yet is not prepared to live by them itself. That says they love the bible and yet mistranslates it to condemn people they have probably never even met.

True religion is running a homeless shelter, feed the sick and hungry, visit prisoners in prison and let us live our lives as best we can.

One of my friends is being accused by people like this of things he has not done. Don’t they realise that gossip is a sin along with idolatry?

Jesus spent some of his time telling the religious leaders of his day where they were going wrong. They were whitewashed graves, shutting the gates of the kingdom of heaven in peoples faces. That is sadly what todays pharisees do.

The pastor of a right wing church that was talking to me stopped talking to me when I told him I could not live with his theology. It was fine for him but for me it made it impossible to live. He found out quickly he could not fix me with Evangelical magic. It doesn’t work. The only people that can survive in the Evangelical environment are straight people.

Do you know what the God of some Evangelical Christian churches is? Straight Marriage. It’s more important than feeding the hungry, visiting prisoners in prison helping those that cannot help themselves. Come back to Jesus, please, before it’s too late. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and it doesn’t include anything about marriage, it is about his broken body bringing us back to a relationship with him. That’s it, his work is to believe in the one he has sent. Whoever you are. To love everyone as you love yourself. No more. You are under grace but you want to live under law. The law condemns us but his grace sets us free because the law is fulfilled, have you forgotten that?

Placarding LGBT people and war heroes with messages of hate is nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible, it’s not his message and never will be.


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