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One of my dear friends told me she was confronted with the question “What is a Lesbian?” by one of her children the other day. I thought I’d help answer that question for a child as I have two girls myself who both had this whole LGBT thing explained to them. These aren’t all the answers but I hope they help.

Explain it from the child’s perspective.

Children don’t need to know everything about everything. (although it does appear they want to know! Why? “Because God Loves the Irish”). If your child is used to seeing hetrosexual relationships, they probably don’t know anything about anything sexual. So why broach the subject. Since our relationships are more about love than sex that’s the perspective to get it from.

Well, Daddy and Mummy Love each other don’t they?

Molly’s mums also love each other in the same way. They are lesbians. John’s Dad’s are gay, they love each other like mummy and daddy love each other.

Don’t make up silly answers to avoid the truth.

There’s no point telling the child something that is silly or not true. It undermines you as a parent. Lesbians aren’t people from Lebanon, Gay’s are not just men who are more happy than other men. Transgender people are not transformers who have gone wrong. Tell the truth. Your relationship with your child must be based on truth and love.

My girls know I’m gay. They understand what that means and engage with it. My oldest loves to point out things that are about gay issues. “Daddy, look at these gay penguins!”. I didn’t in fact sit them down and tell them in some kind of performance, it was just in general conversation. Don’t make a big thing of it.

They will copy you

If you show love and acceptance to LGBT people, you’re children will too. We are not dangerous to your children, we will not “make them gay”. The easiest way for children to accept LGBT people is to see you accepting them as normal. (whatever that is).

God Loves the Irish

If they ask you why and you don’t want to answer, just tell them “because God loves the Irish”.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the inspiration for this post Claire.


Resolving the Bible

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Christian Ethics

So how do I as an LGBT person manage to be a Christian?

Surely the Bible speaks against it.

Well you know there are very good studies on the internet about the scriptures concerned but I kind of take a different angle.

Firstly What must I do to be saved?

Being “saved” involves receiving the free gift of God, Jesus said the work of God is this, to believe in the one he has sent. He raised the standard the pharisees tried to put on people to one no-one could attain. Well, in fact, he did not raise the bar, simply pointed out where the bar had always been.

So if all of us are unable to keep even the most basic commandments, then we are completely reliant on Jesus to deal with our sin. Surely the argument is not over what sin is, but if we are in a position of grace?

The Theif on the Cross

It doesn’t matter what people tell you, the thief on the cross next to Christ PROVES that you cannot be saved by what you do, good or bad. He was completely unable to be baptised, join a committee or do anything, simple faith saved him

This is a hard concept to grasp, in a world of rules that, in fact it is all worthless for the sake of knowing Christ.

So you see, it doesn’t matter which rules you obey or don’t, because they don’t count in Christ, only faith in him is worth anything.

How should I live?

Once you find Christ and live for him he will guide you on how to be. Jesus said, if anyone loves me they will do what I command. This is not saying that out of duty you will do what Jesus asked of you, but out of love. Working out our salvation with trembling and fear does not mean obedience to rules, but development of our relationship with Christ himself, out of that relationship comes the knowing of what is right and wrong.

If you try and live by the law, you have to keep all of it (so take off that mixed fibre shirt and stop eating that prawn salad sandwich). If you live by grace, it’s not a free for all but a freedom coming from a relationship with Christ.

I think a lot of “Bible Believing Christians” are simply living under law and not under grace. But only laws they choose to live by, the ones that are easy.

Christ, however, calls us to a higher place of total commitment to him and being refined by him into pure gold. In that refining is pure freedom, pure joy and hope.

We are saved by grace, not by law, so no-one can boast.

(I’ll edit this and put the bible verses in later, it’s written off the top of my head at lunch time).