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A queen’s christmas message.

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know  this is a bit wimpy but I tend to well up over a good Christmas anything. Flash mobs, movies the lot and wanted to understand why.

Take for instance the scene in Elf where everyone comes together and sings “Santa Claus is coming to town” to get Stanta’s sleigh to have enough Christmas Cheer to get off the ground.

Or a Christmas flashmob in a busy shopping centre, where people stop dead in their busy christmassy shopping tracks.

I think it’s because actually I feel very sad because of my own circumstances, and there in Christmas you feel like there is some hope for the future, in Christmas Christ’s birth tells us that there is one greater than ourselves, one who through the tinsel and pain reaches into our modern world with it’s euro crisis, depression and hopelessness to bring a new hope.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.


A sad video

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I hope this makes a difference. Well done Jonah.

Dating disasters of a gay man.

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, I’m getting to be quite an old hand at using dating sites. With little success.

My last date was fantastic, except he wanted me to help him with his college homework. I really liked him but I am not sure he was attracted to me, I think it was my UML diagrams.

Then there was Mr wonderful Facebook “I want to be your boyfriend”, oh yes, I said hunting through his profile,
“So why does your profile say you are interested in women?”
“er um er”
“Can you give me £250.oo for my daughter she’s in great need”
and …block…
Oh and this guy claimed to work at the London Bible College, well, I checked the London Bible College and a friend who went there and guess what, no one knew him.

Oh and there was, “I really like you..” “oh that’s nice” “Can you get me a job?” and….block…

I had one guy I was chatting to for ages, fell head over heals for him and he for me, but we could never meet, turned out he didn’t live in Northolt, he lived in South Africa and although I have a off road modified land rover discovery it was too far to go.

South Africa, I had another two guy approach me from, he said he’d relocate once his father’s $1400000 inheritance comes through (and block….) , another one was an easy block, he had pictures of 5 different guys on his profile….either he’s a shape changer or it’s a spam case.

So. about dating sites…

“Zoosk” Zoosk enjoys sending me “Matches” which I enjoy saying NO to. (For goodness sake Zoosk, he’s hairier than me!)

“Are you Interested?” I enjoy clicking SKIP a lot on this one.

“GayDar” met a really really nice guy on here we’ve been chatting a while but he’s not really interested in me… there’s not that “click”.  Most of the time it’s people who like showing off bits of their body that I for one would rather not see. We can get to that later people, I want to find out if you have a life or not.

The Times, “Encounters”…. well, I subscribed for a month, had NO contacts, I think I’m just not posh enough. It was more like a damp squid.

Grindr… I get the feeling everyone is to scared to actually say anything although I met a great greek guy on Grindr, talked for hours, but he was very frightened of coming out. I did like him though a LOT, (come back greek boy all is forgiven!) (not that there is anything to forgive).

Gay Friend Finder, I didn’t find any friends there, let alone gay ones.

99.9% of the time I use these sites as a kind of comfort, to remind me I’m not the only one. 1% of the time I think I even get close to meeting anyone.

Be careful out there people.