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I sit here pondering something, there is some huge solar flare over the antarctic, the biggest since 2005 (seems like we’re not getting much Sun in Uxbridge though).

I just wondered, thinking about it, what if it was all to be over tomorrow. All the talk about Marriage being sacred, LGBT people being “an abomination”. Would be pointless. I mean really pointless.

Personally I want to be one who finds it easier to love, than to hate, that when my mark is left on this planet, it is that of someone who accepted and loved people, even people I found difficult to get on with. It’s like all the clever arguments we have for or against the existence of God are immediately wiped out when we stand before him.

I hope one day to meet one of those placard holding Christians and give them a hug, and tell them Jesus loves them even though they missed it.

Perhaps I should have a placard amnesty, at least I could burn them on my fire in the winter.


Could this be the beginning of the end of ex-gay ministries?

Oh, and as a foot note, I found this rather entertaining video.

I seem to be writing a lot of complainy kind of activist blog entries at the moment. Sorry about that but I just hate this. I hate this with a vengeance. Young people with their whole lives ahead of them pushed into a corner by the bigoted attitudes of cowards.

Gay rights are important because, in fact, they are human rights, the right to live your life as the person you are. Gay pride is not really about prancing around in leather under ware, but continuing the memory of the stonewall riots. If you know someone who is LGBT and you see them being bullied please do something about it, please don’t leave them standing alone.

I wish when I was young, I had someone to talk to, someone who understood, when I became a Christian, I wish I could have found someone who would have told me the truth, that I could not change what I am and I should not try and be straight. I attempted suicide 7 times, I so desperately wanted to be straight, I got married to try and change, to rid myself of these “sinful feelings”. But the magic formulas of evangelicalism did not work for me. I was not “healed”, instead I found that I had to start from the place of being honest with God about who I am.

Now, I’m in a good place and I want to share that. My ex-wife and children leave this week, they are moving into a new house locally, I’ll see the kids a lot. We have been waiting for this to happen for a long time, all of us are well prepared.

I will be alone, well, apart from the cat. But there is a bunch of people that not only are real friends, but have shown what true Christianity is about. St John’s church. I found a place where I could know Christ and where, although they know I’m gay, they still accept me, even this week I’ve been invited for a meal with a wonderful couple in the church. The vicar and his wife have no idea how much their kindness means to me after some pretty terrible things from other people who called themselves Christians. I actually feel like, for the first time, I am becoming a whole person. Before God. I’m actually able to live my life as myself.

If you are an LGBT person and you need to talk, you need a hug, even if it’s virtual, please get in touch. If you know someone LGBT who is living a difficult life, maybe at your school they are bullied, watch over them, just as Jesus watches over you. I long for the day, when an LGBT person will naturally turn to the church for help, instead of automatically rejecting Christ. I’m sure a lot of LGBT people would not be atheists if they knew how much Jesus actually loves rejected people, after all, he was the chief of the rejected.




I’m really really tired of people criticising christianity and saying that Christians hate LGBT people.

This is simply not true.

The problem is that a lot of churches don’t nail their colours to the mast, they won’t put their hands up and say openly that they accept LGBT people.

So those hateful people who call themselves Christians but when it comes to loving anyone who isn’t like them start spouting their hatred. People outside the church think that is what the church is like. A place where only those who are good enough can be accepted and love.

I’m happy to report, as the gayest gay in Christendom that there are hundreds of churches, probably thousands that open their hearts to LGBT people, although unless it’s an openly gay church you would not know. What would happen if the voices of hatred, were crushed by voices of love and acceptance. I think our churches would be full.

One church I went to, I was told that they would never talk about it, it’s too divisive. But this attitude is simply not Christian. Christianity speaks of actually nailing our colours to the mast, as Christ was nailed to that cross, his sacrifice for us was hugely divisive.

The “religious” people of his day rejected Christ, the religious people of our day reject Christ when they reject the children God has made. A lot of them hugely rejected by places that are supposed to be safe.

Sure, you’re going to upset some folk if you openly say that you accept LGBT people, in fact anyone, into your church without judging or condemning. But I know what kind of church I would rather go to.

If you are a pastor, or vicar, think about putting a sign up outside your church

“LGBT People welcome and loved here”

You’ll be surprised at what happens. (but don’t think you won’t get any flak).