Not all Christian’s hate LGBT people…let’s get the message out.

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Christian Ethics

I’m really really tired of people criticising christianity and saying that Christians hate LGBT people.

This is simply not true.

The problem is that a lot of churches don’t nail their colours to the mast, they won’t put their hands up and say openly that they accept LGBT people.

So those hateful people who call themselves Christians but when it comes to loving anyone who isn’t like them start spouting their hatred. People outside the church think that is what the church is like. A place where only those who are good enough can be accepted and love.

I’m happy to report, as the gayest gay in Christendom that there are hundreds of churches, probably thousands that open their hearts to LGBT people, although unless it’s an openly gay church you would not know. What would happen if the voices of hatred, were crushed by voices of love and acceptance. I think our churches would be full.

One church I went to, I was told that they would never talk about it, it’s too divisive. But this attitude is simply not Christian. Christianity speaks of actually nailing our colours to the mast, as Christ was nailed to that cross, his sacrifice for us was hugely divisive.

The “religious” people of his day rejected Christ, the religious people of our day reject Christ when they reject the children God has made. A lot of them hugely rejected by places that are supposed to be safe.

Sure, you’re going to upset some folk if you openly say that you accept LGBT people, in fact anyone, into your church without judging or condemning. But I know what kind of church I would rather go to.

If you are a pastor, or vicar, think about putting a sign up outside your church

“LGBT People welcome and loved here”

You’ll be surprised at what happens. (but don’t think you won’t get any flak).


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