Dear Archbishop,

Posted: March 11, 2012 in LGBT Issues


Your letter, sir, says that marriage is for the procreation of children, I hope then, the Catholic church and Anglican church bans people who cannot reproduce from being married, to be completely fair. That includes people who are infertile, or disabled. You may as well discriminate against them as well as us while you are at it.

Marriage never has been a natural institution. It has been molded by culture and government. It seems you have ignored history and that marriage has not always been between one man and one woman.  (Polygamy?)

You are saying that if we are not married, we are some how, not as good as those who are. I sat in my church today whilst people in the church passed judgement on me in a discussion of gay marriage (which I kept away from, it was held in the lady chapel). I felt awkward and unhappy, frankly, I felt like walking out and never returning.

I expect one day, I will be thrown out of the church anyway. Either because of a change of leadership or simple because the leadership of the church has decided that LGBT people are not welcome any longer.

I am so grateful for the people that spoke to me in my church today, that affirmed me, especially the lovely lady who sits behind me every Sunday and the Vicar.

This is not about Gay Marriage, this is about people, real live people, with feelings and hopes, and dreams, and pain and love.  Just because a sheep is not white, it is still a sheep.

Do I really have to live my life alone? Am I really not welcome in the church? Do you really honestly think that if I commit myself in love like David and Jonathon in the Bible to someone, that I will damage society, or perhaps, it is loneliness and isolation that damages society?

Best Wishes,



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