Church of England to Ban NIV Bible

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Opinion

I have heard some concerning news this morning.

It seems the church of England is going to ban the use of the NIV Bible. It appears they are concerned with the number of errors in translation that are in it.

Apparently there is a committee that looks after the approved books for use in services and when it decides a book is to be used/not used then thats what happens.

Personally, it’s a great loss, despite the problems with the NIV like any translation, it’s text is easy to read and I find the print is clear.

You can see a copy of the letter here

  1. Mark Hamlin says:

    St John’s never seems to worry too much about the ‘rules’ from the C of E.

    3rd Sunday group has switched to different versions of the bible (e.g. Good News) when the wording seems better than other versions so I’d have thought we could just carry on as normal despite this.

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