An interesting “cure the gays” quote from this mornings LBC Radio

Posted: April 13, 2012 in LGBT Issues

Core Issues’ co-director Mike Davidson this morning on LBC said “We know Homosexuality is not a choice, but we help people choose to become more hetrosexual”.



Being blue is not a choice but we help you become more red?


  1. Alan Bainbridge says:

    Article in this morning’s Telegraph, “Mayor Johnson bans ‘gay cure’ adverts”
    Adverts on buses promoting the idea that homosexuals can be ‘cured’ have been banned by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.
    Where on earth are these people coming from who think these ‘cure’ ideas up?? For goodness sake we don’t ask to be born gay, we don’t turn gay this is the way God made us and put us on this earth.

  2. Alan Bainbridge says:

    Like your comment Paul about becoming more red!!!!

    • Paul C says:

      Yes, when I heard them on LBC radio it was like they were trying to deny that people are born this way and then in the same sentence saying they were. Madness.

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