iBelieve magazine, anti-gay in your church today!

Posted: April 29, 2012 in LGBT Isuses, Uncategorized

Today I was delighted to be given a copy of “iBeleive” at church this morning, it’s bright, glossy cover and interesting stories, sadly, were marred by an advertisement on page 48 claiming “70% of people say keep marriage as it is”.

So all those who collected this magazine, visitors to our church even church members probably think that this is what our church believes. That our church wants marriage only for straight people and gay people are not good enough to be in a long term committed relationship.

For me as a gay man in the church yet again, it says I am some how a lesser being, some how I will never be good enough for God (even though I know the truth) and that I must live alone, as a single person, something which few people would be able to cope with.

Almost every week I come and serve at St John’s playing in the band, I spend hours serving in any way I can, not for reward but just to be part of this amazing family and I wonder if they are confused by the mixed messages, as are a lot of LGBT people that the Church of England and other groups put across about this subject. Well, you try being gay! trying to work out how to live in a right way before God.

So more about this advertisement. Firstly, the advertisement is already under investigation by the ASA in regards to being misleading and offensive.


So what is the truth, do people really think LGBT people have to live as single people all their lives? This blog I think presents a very valuable breakdown of the interesting (but mildly confusing) statistics.


What it does say, overall is that people are very confused about what marriage really is. Who it was designed for. What God thinks of Marriage and loving, committed relationships. People are worried about gay people being in a relationship long term some how magically destroying their marriage. They are worried about everyone having the same rights wether in a straight or LGBT relationship. They are worried, some how, Gay people will turn them gay. I have even not been allowed in someones house because I’m gay.

Why, oh why, are people so afraid of us? I’m a nice guy. Really.


I wrote to the magazine…

Dear SIr/Madam,

Firstly let me say how delighted I was to receive a copy of your magazine at church this morning. Delighted, except for one thing which I found most upsetting. Especially since the magazine was given to just about everyone in my church.

I have in fact written a blog post about it.


I thought you  might like to see how your readers feel.

Their reply was…

Dear Paul

Thank you for your email.

I was deeply sorry to read how offended you were by the complimentary copy of iBelieve sent through. Nothing was further from our intention and I apologise for the offence caused.

Thank you for taking the time to write, and I hope that my apology will go some way towards healing the hurt.

Thank you again for writing

New Life Publishing

  1. SingingCow says:

    Expect us to believe that, do you? Next thing, you’ll be telling us the sheep and the goats is about loving service of each other. Weirdo.

  2. […] The iBelieve magazine, that was given out free with an advertisement by a group that didn’t want gay marriage and in fact the advertisement is under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority as it is misleading, it uses statistics that are from the Catholic church and not a cross section of the population (there is an article about it in this blog). […]

  3. Ash says:

    When I was browsing magazine subscriptions I came across this…I’m not a Christian, I am a Secular Humanist (Agnostic Atheist) so I like analysing things, and I saw that it was saying it was not ‘churchy’. Well, browsing a few pages I found it worse that what I have seen coming from churches in the UK. A lot of the churches in this country I see as friendly, inclusive, they don’t big themselves up to be holider-than-thou. The magazine seemed the opposite. Sometimes I was seeing the idea that if you’re a Christian you’re ‘special’ or ‘one of a kind’. I hate that. Just because you follow a certain belief system makes you no more or less special, I’m sorry. And if they had these statistics as well, then I of course completely agree with you. I don’t like the look of the magazine either.

    I like how liberal Christianity has formed, I do like Anglicanism in some areas. Historically it has not been so good, but it has good merit in this day and age. However, it is still based on an ossifying text which is nice in some areas, but diabolical in others and impossible to follow unabridged. I do wonder seriously why people stick with it.

    • Paul C says:

      Thanks for the comment, yes the liberal movement is very interesting its the focus on faith rather than a more strict take on the scriptures that the evangelicals prefer.

      I think the evangelical churches do need to reconsider their view of scripture because I don’t think it adds up. It’s based on taking some laws of the old testament and leaving others, a practice warned of by Paul the apostle in the New Testament. A lot of evangelical views only accept certain people who are able to fit the mould.

      I used to think that liberalism was a weak form of faith but I have found myself drifting in that direction. Obviously bring Gay, I cannot live with a theology that requires my death. I tried, you either have to kill yourself, or find an evangelical to do it, but it’s harder than you think to find one. (I am saying this tongue in cheek to make a point).

      Einstein said that each one of us has a God shaped hole in us, I think that is true. Only in relationship with God can that hole be filled. The problem is we think that relationship comes by obeying a list of rules, this is, simply, in my view a misunderstanding of why Jesus came and died for us on the cross. After all, the thief on the cross next to him was going to be welcomed in to paradise, he could not do anything for God, he could not obey any rules, just look to Jesus and be.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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