Is the ex-gay movement dying a death?

Posted: May 4, 2012 in LGBT Issues

It seems a paradigm shift is going on. I note with interested that Hillsong Church (who’s music I love!) have abandoned their ex-gay movement (for those who don’t know, this is where they tell you that you can “choose” to be straight, having lived with that for many years I can tell you it doesn’t work and causes more harm than it helps).

I find more and more Christians, even evangelicals are laying aside their strange beliefs that we are somehow special cases when it comes to God, that somehow Gay people can’t find Jesus, that perhaps, the translations they have relied on so vehemently may not actually be as reliable and that the face value translation of 5 or 6 verses could actually be wrong!

I think also, a major contributor to this is dialog is that straight Christians starting to feel the pain of LGBT people who have been victimised by church people over the years and coming along side them. This happens with dialog and both sides sitting down and talking rather than just shouting at each other or waving banners in faces. Banners are not dialog, they are nothing more than declaration of war.

No true Christian can treat another human being the way LGBT people have been treated, we have been sent to counselling, psychiatric hospitals (do a google on some of the terrible things that have been done to make people straight in psychiatric hospitals), concentration camps, thrown out of churches and many more things. Often by people who claim to Love their Neighbour as themselves.

I would say, that, in fact I am an activist. I am an activist for understanding and peace. I am an activist for educating people about Bible translations and how actually things may not be as clear as they seem. So, I’m here, if people who are Christians want to dialog with me that’s great. I’m even prepared to do talks on the subject (done a few already).


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