Banging a Drum and Blowing Trumpets … for equality … for freedom … for whatever

Posted: May 11, 2012 in LGBT Issues

“Good luck to you. Love who you would like to. I do not need every five minutes to hear you banging drums and blowing trumpets there are much more important issues in our community, families, and the world than this”

This post on our Church Facebook group by someone who just can’t handle the whole Gay Marriage thing (and Gay people in particular I shouldn’t wonder).

I have been thinking about it, mainly thinking about drums. Drums are like hiccups. Just when you think there is silence they start up again. I guess that people standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, or fighting for injustice, can, sometimes be like a really annoying beating drum. If you listen long enough something is going to happen. You either learn to ignore the noise, you try and stop it, or you take action on the message of the music.

Music, noise, drums sometimes carries with it a message. If the message isn’t being heard, perhaps we need a bigger drum. Or a different instrument with which to carry the message. But one thing is for sure. I am now more and more determined to bang a drum louder than ever for us to be heard. You see, LGBT rights is not about us being agreed with. That will never happen. But recognising, that in spite of our differences we can live our lives in the way that we should and want to, in the way that God intended us to. Not living the life other people want us to have.

Perhaps I should try cymbals?



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