Trusting God for a relationship

Posted: May 13, 2012 in LGBT Issues

You know when you go somewhere and someone says something that just hits you right between the eyes.

Well I feel like I have had a whole morning of it at church, especially in our discussions over lunch. See, I’ve been trying to find a partner. With really not much success and not without investing in some memberships of gay dating sites.

Anyway, I’m a bit of a Moses type. I kind of try to do everything myself…and generally mess it up. I find it difficult to trust God with one or two areas of my life and one of these is relationships. Probably because when I think about a relationship with a partner I just think of pain.

So I’ve decided now to trust God for a partner who will be a blessing to me and my kids and my ex-wife too, and someone I can be a real blessing to. Until them I have to just trust God and that for me as a gay man is very hard. So I prayed about it and now I do feel at peace and ok that if God wants me to be alone…I will have him… and if he the best for me is to be with someone, then that’s fantastic.

It’s a mystery. Help me Lord.


  1. npvitkus says:

    I too am the Moses type, this post speaks to me because in many ways I’m there at this time as well.

    Be blessed and continue to bless others Paul! 🙂

  2. Gregory P-W Maddocks says:

    After the end of an eleven year relationship, followed by some bad and one abusive dating experiences, I felt the same way and stopped looking although I told G-d continually how lonely I was. When I least expected it he sent someone and we recently celebrated our ten anniversary.

    • Paul C says:

      That’s really great 🙂 I think sometimes it’s quite a relief to let-go and let-God but there is always a risk that there will not be anyone, but then, perhaps sometimes that’s the best plan for us. Only He knows.

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