So, perhaps they should put all us Gays and Lesbians behind an electric fence!

Posted: May 22, 2012 in LGBT Issues, People

It seems to me the whole anti-gay thing is becoming more “anti” than ever before. This man who is supposed to be a shepherd of a flock, a fisher of men, is nothing more than a “Christian Hitler”, who wants to set up concentration camps for LGBT people.

It is no wonder, when you read the comments of this article that LGBT get the message that this is what all Christians think. Which it simply isn’t.

Please if you read this and you are LGBT don’t think that God hates you, or Jesus doesn’t love you and wants you behind a fence.

I hope that if you are a Christian in a state of confusion over the whole LGBT thing, you won’t do what this guy did, and just spew out hate towards us. But, perhaps you will talk to us and discover that we hurt from these people.

I hope he never visits Belgium or France, men are always kissing men over there, even the straight ones!

Anyway, I’m not a  hater, so if he wants to come for lunch he’s very welcome. (and I promise not to kiss him, I’m gay, not blind).

  1. Yes but be fair..he is American.. and we all know what that limited gene pool can produce !

  2. Alan Bainbridge says:

    Hi Paul I’m with you all that way on that one, thats an appalling state of affairs, and really personally i’m not interested in America this is England and 2012 for goodness sake. Cheers Alan.

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