Clever Dating Scam Warning

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I met someone on gaydar he seemed REALLY nice and said he was from London. Then he said he was in the US Army, convincing pictures too… but in his first email

I lost my dad when I was young…i miss him. My mum is still alive, she is 62 year old. She gets angry with me because i am gay so we hardly see. Categorically i have no family. I am stationed here in Iraq. Am from Madison, Wisconsin. I go to the gym every morning to make my body fit….i  have a very simple mind, I hate argument. When I am in a relationship I always want to satisfy my man with every thing, I am not the best but want to be for my man. I easily fall in love. I want a partner I can share my life with, some one that is caring, someone that has it in mind to love and care, someone that can love me for who I am, someone I can be with till eternity. WELL I GUESS I SHOULD STOP HERE.. I HOPE TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU. Attached are some of my pictures.

I’d had another email from a guy claiming he was in South Africa with EXACTLY the same wording. (but slightly modified).

The pictures were NEARLY convincing, although 2 of them didn’t look like the same guy, also, the english is not that good. Ok he’s american but frankly that should make no difference. He claims to be serving in Iraq. But that paragraph I’ve seen before from another scammer. The one in bold. I thought here we go. 

So anyway I replied with a few things then asked him what regiment he’s in and that I knew some soldiers serving in Iraq.

The plot thickens but this one is a scam.

What’s sad is, I’m really lonely and frankly these people don’t know how much they are hurting people. I know, at some point I’ll get the … so and so is sick can you send some money.

  1. celticbishop says:

    It is as old as the “lonely hearts club” scams of days gone by! evil is always like a lion waiting to feast on the innocent and tread on the hearts of those who are genuine!

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