Is boycotting the anglican / catholic churches going to change their stance on Marriage?

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have heard it said recently that straight couples should boycot the Anglican/Catholic church until they accept LGBT couples for marriage.

At first, I thought it was a great idea, actually, I do find it hard going to weddings but that’s more to do with the failure of my own “straight” marriage. I just wonder what Jesus would do. 

The first point I’d like to make is that most people who oppose us being in a long term loving relationship do so on the grounds of just 6 verses of scripture. This is not to do with marriage in fact but to do with wrapping their own bigotry in the Bible (quote from the video below). It’s majoring on what Jesus minored on (in fact hardly bothered speaking about), it’s focusing on the wrong things.

How many starving children would have food if with the same vehement hatred towards us was directed against world hunger?

Marriage, as we know it was not in fact instituted till the council of Trent in around the year 1545-1547. Before then, concubines were fine and every other form of Marriage. The structure then was just “adopted” by the anglican church. 

The truth is simple, was man made for marriage? or marriage for man? The answer is obvious.

If my straight friends want to cancel their weddings to show support for LGBT people getting the right to go through a simple ceremony in church. That is awesome. BUT I don’t think the upper echelons of the church of England will pay much attention until it effects their pockets. After all, this is what this is REALLY about. It’s about the loss of money if this were allowed, mainly from Churches who would leave the anglican communion and move to catholicism or another denomination. After all, you can prove anything from the Bible with a few verses.


If, as I suspect this whole issue is REALLY about money. I wonder if they have considered, if the Anglican church became officially LGBT friendly, how much money they would get from the increased congregations, increased marriage revenue.

Sometimes, I think we should not consider money, but doing what is right in the eyes of God. That, surely, is not shutting the Kingdom of heaven in peoples faces. No wonder Jesus encouraged his followers to abandon their property and money and follow him. 

So if you are going to cancel your wedding in a non-affirming church, that’s fantastic, God bless you. But I think it will take a lot of money from the church coffers before there is movement.


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