The man in the boxer shorts.

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Opinion

Ok, I sadly admit I’m still on a few dating sites sadly, I’ve never REALLY got anywhere apart from once where I met the most lovely guy Rudolph we went out a few times, we still chat, but he didn’t want to live on a boat which is a bit of a show stopper for me.

Last night I was on Facebook and one of my Facebook friends, posted a picture of a rather overweight chap, on a sofa, in just a pair of boxer shorts, looking for a guy 18-30, he was 57.

There were quite a few comments and I, to my shame, joined in, people mostly, including me making fun of this guy. Which was incredibly cruel actually and hence my writing of this blog post.

If I were to ever meet him I would ask his forgiveness that I judged him based on simply a picture. When in truth he probably is a really nice guy, not my type I guess, but that doesn’t make it right for me, or anyone else for that matter to have a joke at his expense. Who knows what pain he has been through? Us gay people are quick enough to moan when someone judges us and here was I doing it with someone else.

The sad thing is, it made me realise something. It made me realise that dating sites are actually pretty useless. That in fact, I wonder how many of us who are a little more blessed in the weight area ever find anyone, since most of the guys on there are handsome and way out of our league. So however we post our photograph, or write our profile, there will always and only ever be people who want sex, want it quick and never want to see you again, that is just making sex consumerist and like having a coffee, which frankly, I don’t think it should be.

If I meet someone, I will love them and care for them and I hope they will do the same for me. I hope the guy in the picture does find someone, I hope he’s cute, funny and actually they make a lovely couple. Maybe I hope that for myself as well and one day, maybe on that site he will be shown as “in a relationship”.

So man on sofa in boxer, I’m sorry.

Oh and if anyone knows of a nice gay guy that likes boats please tell them to get in touch. Preferably not too much older than me. By the way, they have to be single.


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