Gay dating and where I’ve been going wrong.

Posted: July 3, 2012 in LGBT Issues

I’m not Brad Pitt. I admit it.

My efforts to find a nice boyfriend have failed dismally. This is really to my lack of knowing how to “play the game”. It seems that filling out a nice profile is not enough.

I met a nice guy the other night. Not for a date, he’s just a great friend who follows this blog, when he opened his Grindr it was immediately busy with people wanting to chat. Unlike mine which is like a graveyard, sometimes I wonder if they are not just putting pictures there to make me THINK there are other people on it.

My problem, I guess, is I don’t want what most of them are offering. CTS Cuddle, Tea and sex then you’re on  your way. Back to being alone.

I wonder in fact and I have said this before on this blog that because there is no “family” style model for gay relationships that people just go for what is easy.  Even though what is easy is not always best for one long term. That day when you wake up and realise that you are alone and they are gone. No one is interested in you any more.

I suppose if gay marriage was normal and accepted by all and we could just come out and be who we are then that would be more prevalent, perhaps my experience of looking for a partner who is single, likes kids and wants to live on a boat would be a far easier task.

I did discuss equality with him that evening. He said something really powerful, equality is not gay marriage, it’s in fact being able to walk down the street holding hands, or showing affection in the way straight people do (you do still show affection don’t you?) without fear of retribution from those, who perhaps, miss that in their own lives.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Alan Bainbridge says:

    That is all very interesting, but i’m sorry I haven’t any hints to offer you, Alan x

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