Posted: August 13, 2012 in Angel

I saw it you know, with unfurled wings, that beat the sky,
I saw the seas rage at Noah’s boat hull,
I heard the screams of people drowning,
But I was held back,
I watched it, I did, when Abraham raised his knife over his Son,
Egypt, her sons, lost,
I watched the Ark of the convent Glisten with wings of seraphim,
I watched Gabriel speak softly to Mary,

I ministered to Him, the Lord,
In that dry desert,

But no one saw me,
I sat at the top of a building in America,
I unfurled my wings,
Then I soared over the grand canyon,
I held a car as it’s passengers escaped,
On a freeway in Memphis,
But, so often I am held back,
So often, because of the plan,
Now I sit here, on the edge of these white Cliffs of Dover,
Where I watched the bombers,
Now I just watch the boats,
And the sunrise,
The creator has called me back to heaven for now,
So I must soar on eagles wings,
I must be free,
It’s time for my primary task.
But I wait for the great redemption,
The Lord waits,
The redeemed wait,

Our day will come.
Until then, look up.


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