How to be gay in 10 steps…the truth.

Posted: August 19, 2012 in LGBT Issues

Well I don’t know really what the Guardian were thinking when they published this.

So I thought I’d do my own version.

1. You can’t chose to be gay, you either are or you are not.

2. If you are gay, you will already know exactly how gaydar works.

3. Dress as you do normally, dressing in drag is something some people do, some straight people dress in drag.

4. Taking drugs, is nothing to do with your sexuality.

5. You don’t need to like any particular type of music or person because you are gay.

6. If you’re camp, cool, if you’re not fine. I have met some very camp straight guys actually.

7. Cruising is a waste of time in my humble opinion. Try and build proper relationships that last.

8. Everyone has a protest at some time in their life, protesting, attending marches does not make you more or less gay. In fact, I know some quite “protesty” straight people.

9. Come out. It’s not always safe to come out and actually, just because you are gay doesn’t mean you have to come out. It’s just easier to live your life with people knowing than not. (sometimes).

10. Visiting the aids quilt will not affect your sexuality at all, it won’t even give you aids.

Job done!

You are what you are.

  1. bq says:

    Thank you. What a load of @@@@ that article was.

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