The nation of Gay is born…

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

So there is this little pub in Colchester who put up some rainbow flags. The local Parish Council told them to take the flags down because….

“Rules state that only one national flag can be flown without permission and the gay pride display was against advertising regulations.”

So where exactly is the nation of gay, and what exactly is he advertising?

I know he’s taken them down and made curtains out of them, so they are still displayed. I’m not sure quite what battle is being fought here. Is it..

1. the Christians on the Parish Council don’t like the gay flags.
2. the Parish Council don’t like rainbows.
3. the Parish Council think that by showing rainbow flags outside the pub he is advertising that he sells rainbows in the pub.

Perhaps the Parish Council could enlighten us. Oh by the way I’m not connected with the pub in any way. I just think it’s either an example of legalised homophobia at worst or petty jobsworthness.

So if he put up flags with say, nice flower patterns, that would be ok?


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