Guess what, the hurricane in America!, it’s our fault AGAIN!

Posted: August 28, 2012 in LGBT Issues

(even though it’s disrupting the Republican conference)

So, it’s 7 years since Hurricane Katrina, and it seems that this guy has a direct line to God! Because God created the Universe in 7 days (actually it was 6, he rested on the 7th), it’s OBVIOUSLY the fault of the Gay people. (Let’s ignore the Republican conference shall we). Apparently God hates me so much he’s sending a hurricane to the USA, 7 years.

Hang on God, I don’t live in the USA. Have you missed?

I have to say I had to do a talk on Sunday at church, I was actually really struggling with my faith. This mainly due to the catholic leadership in the UK sending out a nice letter to be read in churches in Scotland about how bad gay people are and how marriage (that they invented at the council of Trent in the 1500’s, and was, incidentally modified by King Henry the 8th so he could get a divorce), would be completely ruined by sharing it with gay people. I know I shouldn’t let this stuff affect my faith, but it does.

Perhaps, in fact, if God is sending a message with this Hurricane it’s ACTUALLY about the Republicans. Who knows?

I’m sure if God was sending a message to Gay people by killing and destroying, at least he would make it clear.


Just an update to this story, the Southern Decadence website says they are going ahead. Which means, I guess God can’t be so angry with LGBT people having a party…perhaps he IS after all a little more angry about the republicans, or perhaps it’s just a storm.


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