Church is not, surprisingly what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of Heaven.

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Me and Jesus

I go to a loving church.

After my last post – about the Church of England I came to the horrible realisation that maybe church, in itself, is not the Kingdom Jesus was talking about.

The Kingdom, after all is not like a human kingdom, it is not one that has borders.

Jesus had some odd things to say about it.

Its a Kingdom where all everyone is equal. (Matthew 20)

It’s a Kingdom of the Rejected. Matthew 8:10 (The story of the Roman Centurion and his Pias, male servant with which he was probably in a relationship).

Could it be that the very people the church rejects or hurts could be the very people who are welcomed, unhindered by the Christ who was rejected before them?

Church, for me should reflect Christ and his Kingdom. For now, we have a long way to go.

You see if the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, knew their King more and built church on Him, “church” would be very different from the silly pomp and circumstance, the unnecessary walls and rules that bind.

  1. celticbishop says:

    When “the Gathering of the followers of the Christ” which was one of the original meanings of “ekklesia” became instead “the Church” which meant an extension of the State it ceased to be anywhere near the Kingdom figuratively or literally. It is so clear that the Gospel is Good News for the outcast and the foreigner, the undervalued and the those not free from oppression, and the powerless and humble, and that Jesus is the Liberator from all the constraints of the religions of humankind.

  2. persona6 says:

    Very poetic. You moved me in this post.

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