Church in a hole in the mud.

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love offroading. For those that don’t know, I have a Land rover discovery, my children and I have great fun getting her completely covered in Mud. Her name is Doris.

Here she is. Stuck in a hole. She is stuck good and proper and it was my fault.


I was following someone, at least I thought I was, but I could not see him, he did a sharp turn and I missed it and had to turn round further up, then I saw him on the other side, I just went straight through and got stuck.

Then something really churchy happened, without any prompting, almost out of nowhere 3 other vehicles one with a winch turn up. Seeing my predicament, they did not join in hearty prayer or have a committee meeting, they just got stuck in. One guy came down in the mud with me to help me clear the tow ring.

“You stuck mate”, “yeah, I was trying to follow him…”

At which point without any thought for themselves they winched me out. (this is much more complicated than a one sentence explanation).

There was something human, something refreshing about this. There were no agendas to this rescue. I did not have time to worry or panic. So I realised something.

I realised, that my day off from church, getting muddy with my kids was vitally important to me, because I saw what people who regardless of who I was, or what I could do, helped me out of a situation, with no charge, not expecting a drink. Just a friendly wave seemed to send them happily on the way. 

I wonder if church, fellowship, κοινωνία sometimes has hidden agendas, we are trying to meet expectations perhaps, or maybe impress someone. Ofcourse no one’s intentions are pure. But I was so grateful when I was dragged out of the deep hole. I felt at fellowship with those people who had no idea about my faith (if any), my hopes, my fears, my sexuality, because at that moment they rescued me. The helpless idiot who didn’t look before he got into a hole. It was my hole, it was my fault and I was stuck in it. 

You know what I like about Jesus, he didn’t do barriers, but he met people in their muddy holes.

Prostitutes pouring water over his feet.
Samaritans at wells.
Blind men shouting.
Lepers that don’t say thank you.

Church, I believe is about human fellowship, not about “we’re the church and you are not”, but about just showing people church and welcoming them in, you belong. 

A church that does not “belong anyone”, is not church, it’s at best, a club or society, at worst it is an exclusive, pharisaical monster.

So throw open the doors, come and belong. Discover church (it’s not in the building), it’s the people, come get a hug, and maybe we can get down in that muddy hole with you and get you out. (or maybe you can do the opposite). 

… oh and thanks so much to the much more experienced offroaders who rescued me today… you know who you are 🙂 …



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