Does reparative therapy work?

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was last night watching a really interesting documentary on BBC 3 about gay therapy or trying to make yourself straight.

I was quite cautious in watching it because I myself spent many years playing the straight game, trying to do what they were doing, but with no support, as very few people knew about my feelings.

I think a few things were really obvious when listening and watching these poor conflicted souls who were desperately at war with themselves. Who’s parents and sometimes themselves were so convinced that people should only be straight and anything else was a terrible abomination to God.

I wonder what they would do these parents if for instance they had a child who was disabled, who was different, would they try and fix the fact that the person did not have an arm, because Adam was created perfect?

This whole theology is completely wrong and frankly evil, it sexualises parts of the bible that do not describe sex at all, the Adam and Steve argument only works if you read the bible with a sexual stance on everything, simply put Adam needed a helper, God’s best helper could not be found among the animals, and so Adam got Eve.

The right helper for a gay person of course is not someone of the opposite sex.

When the bible again talks about leaving and cleaving, about a man leaving his family to be joined as one with a woman, it makes no mention of the woman leaving her family. Literal reading and tight application of scripture is a dangerous and harmful game, based purely on justifying bigotry. It ignores the fact that the bible was not written in our western times, or in our western culture.

It seemed to me that the people on the programme were simply living the lives that everyone else wanted them to live, instead of being themselves. They were living up to the terrible expectations of the culture they found themselves, denying who they truly are simply to make others happy.

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at Jacobs well, he did not once ask her to change, just showed her that God seeks worshipers that worship him in spirit and in truth, if you are living a lie for others or even for him, you are not worshiping him in truth, but in a pharisaic religious lie that in the end will damage you and the others around you.

The problem is, that sometimes it is easier to lie, than to live in truth. At least it looks that way. There are times when I regret coming out. I regret the way it was all spread around and then many lies made up about me. (Including the accusations by Hillingdon social services that I had many affairs with other women, you may laugh!).

I pray these poor people do find peace, especially Skyler who had attempted suicide. It was so obvious the therapy could not take away their attractions to the same sex, it was obvious that they were unable to celebrate who they were in Christ but had to live a lie, to pretend, which to me is like being unable to fly but pretending you can.

  1. Why “pretending to fly”? Flying would be a wonderful skill. Rather, they are trying to fly like insects do, simply because most people have insect wings (yes, yes, bit of a tortured metaphor, bear with me) when they have birds’ wings, and should fly like birds.

    “Reparative therapy” has nothing to do with anything of value in Christianity, only the harmful need for control.

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    Excellent post!

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