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Women Bishops?

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Christian Ethics

Well folks I’m sure you’ve been holding your breath for the vote today on Women Bishops in the Anglican Church. This has always puzzled me. It is like wearing that dress and uniform, having a wage some how makes you a better or more qualified person than another person who works just as hard in the church for nothing.

See in my view, there have always been women bishops, archbishops, unrobed heroines of our faith, who have quietly changed the world without realising it. So if the Synod today vote to allow women bishops, they are simply confirming what has been going on for years. That in Christ we are all equal, we all access the Holy of Holies. You see being a bishop, a high priest of Christ is nothing at all to do with fancy robes, hymns, church organs or wages, it’s to do with how you serve your fellow man. How you live your life.

When I think of some of the amazing women who have influenced my life and those who still do. I hope the Anglican church today starts making official use of the wonderful resource that has been in the church for years.

(you never know, they might even allow people like me to have a relationship soon!).


When does one person in a loving relationship with another person equal 3 people. Well, if you’re the Pope. Apparently, being in a gay relationship is as bad as polygamy. Which is quite a shock. I did ask my boyfriend if there were two of him or was it two of me. But no, it turns out the Pope needs to go to Specsavers. The well known glasses shop so he can see how many people are in a gay relationship at one time.

Any church, catholic or otherwise that forces people to live in a certain way, that binds them up with laws, is, by nature, pharisaical in it’s very nature. The desire to please God just ends up as a pile of rules that people cannot keep. There is not “light burden” as Jesus described following him, there is no peace, or freedom. Just rules, if you don’t attend church you won’t go to heaven. If you don’t do this God won’t like you.

Perhaps it’s time, Pope, you went and read the Bible and sold everything you had to give to the poor. Perhaps you should sell those beautiful buildings to a different dictator. One who’s hate is perhaps motivated by a communist ideal rather than cheap shots in the name of God.

Look, I’m not a catholic, but as an Anglican I understand how hard it is when leaders of your church speak of you with disgust, it’s hard. It puts you down, it makes you feel small. So you either ignore them and move on, or leave the church, if you can call it a church at all.

Oh and on another topic, I had someone respond to my last post with some really interesting thoughts, but they were angry and included swear words in their comments and I could not approve them because of this. It’s really great if you disagree with me, I don’t mind, really, but if you include swear words then I’m afraid there is no way I can approve your comments.

Well this is an article for straight guys. I thought I’d let you into the secret world of BGF style relationships. You might be shocked to find out (or not) that your girlfriend or female friends LOVE to give out little secrets to their BGF’s. If you put a foot wrong, guess what, we get told, if you fail as a lover or don’t cook breakfast, yup, we get told. In fact one girl even asked me to “have a word with him” about his performance in bed! (Which I didn’t). I get to hear how big things are (or how small) how fast they are, how slow they are. You won’t believe it.

Why am I telling you this straight boy? Well, I want you to understand that I am not your enemy, in fact, I could even be the key to your relationship success. BUT you have to be prepared for some home truths. Because us BGF’s know the truth and trust me, some of it is not pretty.

Incidentally, I did find myself when a girl bitched about her loving partner, sadly joining in, something which I’ve stopped doing I have to say because it’s hardly Christian.

Remember girls LOVE gay guys because we are safe, they can get the guy, without having to put up with the constant dribbling gaze of a potential suitor, the fumbled words and attempts to woe her to a restaurant for an evening of exciting talk about football, car mechanics and work.

Lastly, in this tongue in cheek article, a word to all BGF’s out there. One thing I have noticed is that this whole thing can get very one sided, I found that after the endless pouring out of feelings by some poor thing who is going out with THE WORST GUY IN THE WORLD, the best thing I could do was to sit down for a coffee with him, then you find out the other side and can mend the relationship (doesn’t always work, sometimes it’s just best to let it end).  Because half the time, the problems are simply they are not communicating with each other, just with everyone else. So BGF’s don’t take sides with her, I know she looks after your every need and loves hugging you (what is that about?).

Oh and if BSF is being naughty with another guy. Guess who they stop talking to!!!! for weeks!! if your girlfriend stops talking to their BGF be afraid, be very afraid.

Oh and Mike, Jane doesn’t want to be with you despite you hanging round with her. She’s just being nice. (Names changed to protect the guilty).

Sick to death of scientific religion.

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Opinion

I have noticed in posts on Facebook recently more and more this attitude of blaming religion for the world’s ills and making out that science just fixes things. Frankly, I’m sick of it. But why? You ask?

Man is a learning creature, some of that learning has been evil and wrong. Some of it done in the name of Christ, some in the name of science. But one thing is for certain man takes stuff that is “good” and screws it up. But we should not give up.

Scientific religious atheists are quick to point out about the terrible things done in the name of God, but ignore the terrible atrocities carried out by Nazi Germany on children in the name of science, the awful things done to gay people when they were sent to Psychiatric hospitals and were given frontal lobotomies, frontal lobotomies that did not cure them and sometimes resulted in suicides. This misguided application of leeches to patients and terrible things done in the name of science.

Instead of seeing science and religion as enemies wouldn’t it be better to learn from the terrible mistakes and work TOGETHER to forget a better future, a freer future for mankind.

Frankly I don’t care if you are an atheist, agnostic or Bible Bashing banana brained Christian, if we started of with the simple principles of Christ, to Love God with everything in us and love our neighbour as we love ourselves, (which I fail at every day), then guess what. We would have purer motives to operate within when it came to science and religion.

It is time we grew up people and made it our goal to learn together whatever our religious fever, wether science, religion, or like me a curious exploratory mixture of both. I will neither defend religion or science, but learning. I will stand with Muslims, gays, straights, homeless, lonely, poor, rich, happy sad, I will stand with humans and stop blaming science or religion for the stupid things us humans do to each other to try and make things better.


As a gay person who is an Anglican I often “enjoy” the terrible things said about me by Bishops, Clergy and all manor of people. I was at first concerned that the new Archbishop was anti-gay relationships. I don’t think that as a Christian you can separate Marriage into Civil Partnerships and Marriage, either Gay relationships are right with God, or they are not.

Anyway, apparently he is looking to dialog with the Gay community, and that for me is hugely positive, it means that perhaps, the jury is still out on this subject. After all he is going to consecrate Women Bishops soon. So I think I’m nervously excited.

I would love to dialog with him, (do I call him your Lordship)? I think I have a really valid place having worked through the whole Christianity / Gay thing. I would hope that he talks to Anglicans that Love God, and are LGBT, not just organisations. I hope he finds out who we really are, our pain, our hopes and fears and how much we want to serve God.

Maybe, you know he may change his mind?

Just to add I saw a quote on this article

“I am always averse to the language of exclusion, when what we are called to is to love in the same way as Jesus Christ loves us. Above all in the church we need to create safe spaces for these issues to be discussed honestly and in love.”


New Local LGBT Fellowship Group.

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


I am pleased to announce the launch of the Hillingdon LGBT Christian group. A group for people who want to explore faith in a safe setting. For those who are LGBT and our straight friends. We will just do a Bible study, some prayer and eat some cake!

The Facebook page is :

If you are interested in coming along please contact Gay Christian on Facebook.


I have been listening to LBC radio and  thinking a lot about this whole gay marriage debate. I think, in fact, that people of faith don’t understand what it means to me as a person of faith.

Christian marriage to me is incredibly important. Being denied it means that I am not good enough, that in fact, I should remain alone. Because marriage is a celebration of what has already happened. It is nothing to do with procreation. Procreation is a result of a relationship. You don’t need to be married to procreate, and in fact, if you are married and you don’t procreate through choice or otherwise, guess what, your marriage is still valid, your commitment to each other is still fantastic.

When church says gay people should not allowed to be married, what they are REALLY saying is gay people should not be in a relationship, they are a terrible misfit, one of God’s embarrassing mistakes. Rather like someone who is disabled. Another of God’s mistakes? No, that is not the God I serve, he is one who created all in his own image and his image is big enough to encompass us all. Saying that one person is naturally more “godlike” because of their orientation or the colour of their skin is nothing more than the sort of Nazi attitude that we are often accused of.

Just as baptism  and confirmation as signs of what has already happened, so is marriage. It is not a magic trick and anyone who believes that it will fix a broken relationship between two people is sadly mistaken, if anything, it will make things worse.

People who think all people of faith are anti-gay-marriage and anti-gay are wrong. People who think that LGBT people are anti-God are also very much mistaken. However, they cannot be surprised to find that a lot of LGBT people are anti-church. In reality, I have days when I think, stuff it, I won’t bother with church anymore, but my church has this terrible way of dragging me back, the people who know about me treat me as an equal, whereas the institution does not.