Denying gay marriage to Christian people, what does it mean?

Posted: November 2, 2012 in LGBT Isuses

I have been listening to LBC radio and  thinking a lot about this whole gay marriage debate. I think, in fact, that people of faith don’t understand what it means to me as a person of faith.

Christian marriage to me is incredibly important. Being denied it means that I am not good enough, that in fact, I should remain alone. Because marriage is a celebration of what has already happened. It is nothing to do with procreation. Procreation is a result of a relationship. You don’t need to be married to procreate, and in fact, if you are married and you don’t procreate through choice or otherwise, guess what, your marriage is still valid, your commitment to each other is still fantastic.

When church says gay people should not allowed to be married, what they are REALLY saying is gay people should not be in a relationship, they are a terrible misfit, one of God’s embarrassing mistakes. Rather like someone who is disabled. Another of God’s mistakes? No, that is not the God I serve, he is one who created all in his own image and his image is big enough to encompass us all. Saying that one person is naturally more “godlike” because of their orientation or the colour of their skin is nothing more than the sort of Nazi attitude that we are often accused of.

Just as baptism  and confirmation as signs of what has already happened, so is marriage. It is not a magic trick and anyone who believes that it will fix a broken relationship between two people is sadly mistaken, if anything, it will make things worse.

People who think all people of faith are anti-gay-marriage and anti-gay are wrong. People who think that LGBT people are anti-God are also very much mistaken. However, they cannot be surprised to find that a lot of LGBT people are anti-church. In reality, I have days when I think, stuff it, I won’t bother with church anymore, but my church has this terrible way of dragging me back, the people who know about me treat me as an equal, whereas the institution does not.



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