The new Archbishop, friend or foe?

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

As a gay person who is an Anglican I often “enjoy” the terrible things said about me by Bishops, Clergy and all manor of people. I was at first concerned that the new Archbishop was anti-gay relationships. I don’t think that as a Christian you can separate Marriage into Civil Partnerships and Marriage, either Gay relationships are right with God, or they are not.

Anyway, apparently he is looking to dialog with the Gay community, and that for me is hugely positive, it means that perhaps, the jury is still out on this subject. After all he is going to consecrate Women Bishops soon. So I think I’m nervously excited.

I would love to dialog with him, (do I call him your Lordship)? I think I have a really valid place having worked through the whole Christianity / Gay thing. I would hope that he talks to Anglicans that Love God, and are LGBT, not just organisations. I hope he finds out who we really are, our pain, our hopes and fears and how much we want to serve God.

Maybe, you know he may change his mind?

Just to add I saw a quote on this article

“I am always averse to the language of exclusion, when what we are called to is to love in the same way as Jesus Christ loves us. Above all in the church we need to create safe spaces for these issues to be discussed honestly and in love.”



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