Sick to death of scientific religion.

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Opinion

I have noticed in posts on Facebook recently more and more this attitude of blaming religion for the world’s ills and making out that science just fixes things. Frankly, I’m sick of it. But why? You ask?

Man is a learning creature, some of that learning has been evil and wrong. Some of it done in the name of Christ, some in the name of science. But one thing is for certain man takes stuff that is “good” and screws it up. But we should not give up.

Scientific religious atheists are quick to point out about the terrible things done in the name of God, but ignore the terrible atrocities carried out by Nazi Germany on children in the name of science, the awful things done to gay people when they were sent to Psychiatric hospitals and were given frontal lobotomies, frontal lobotomies that did not cure them and sometimes resulted in suicides. This misguided application of leeches to patients and terrible things done in the name of science.

Instead of seeing science and religion as enemies wouldn’t it be better to learn from the terrible mistakes and work TOGETHER to forget a better future, a freer future for mankind.

Frankly I don’t care if you are an atheist, agnostic or Bible Bashing banana brained Christian, if we started of with the simple principles of Christ, to Love God with everything in us and love our neighbour as we love ourselves, (which I fail at every day), then guess what. We would have purer motives to operate within when it came to science and religion.

It is time we grew up people and made it our goal to learn together whatever our religious fever, wether science, religion, or like me a curious exploratory mixture of both. I will neither defend religion or science, but learning. I will stand with Muslims, gays, straights, homeless, lonely, poor, rich, happy sad, I will stand with humans and stop blaming science or religion for the stupid things us humans do to each other to try and make things better.


  1. westyofoz says:

    Love it, well said.

  2. catadeluxe says:

    Well, said, my friend, well said. Like you, I’m a mixture of a Christian science guy. I’m straight, and I have never believed for one second of my life that gays should be “removed” or “exterminated”. The young mind that I had only thought “Hey, God’s not going to be happy, as they cannot give birth to a child, but since they commit no particular sins, I can’t see why they couldn’t do it”

    I believe (and see for myself) that Christianity and Buddhism in particular go very well among science. In fact, most scientific/medical/astronomic/etc discoveries have been made by Christians (Blaise Pascal, for example), in Christian countries. Besides, the best science institutions are found in Christian countries (Take CERN, in France and Switzerland, for example). So, I don’t see why there’s a dispute.

    Moreover, if one reads its Bible, one will learn that God NEVER said that the earth is flat, and He NEVER said Heaven was just above the sky. He said, though, that under our feet, if we dig deeper, we’ll find an infernal heat, because there’s hell.

    I’m so unfortunate that I cannot remember, but the Bible virtually says that aliens exist. In the New Testament (I know it’s long, and no one really has the time to read it entirely), but I know it’s written something like “In search for Paradise, Man will come in contact with other children of God, which will be more advanced into their search that Man.” (not actual quote from The Bible)
    So the New Testament basically says that there’s Man, who’s a children of God, and that man finds other children of God. Again, I’m really sorry I missed it, I believe it’s around Psalms, though, you may find it, if you really wish for. 🙂

    This being said, I’m glad there exists someone that can be a homosexual AND a Christian. I hope you all the best, and God bless you all!

  3. Jaime says:

    I’m gay. I’m not a Christian. Right out of the gate…the issues with your assertions. Number One, Nazis were guided by a skewed and or perverted idea of Christianity. The Bible and religion was used as a tool of control. That’s just the facts.

    Number Two. Gay people being sent to hospitals for frontal lobotomies was also a resul of religious indoctrination that insinuated that homosexuals are some how sick. All of it has a basis in religion.

    • Paul C says:

      Thank you for your comment Jaime. You do make some valid points, but my point is that religion and faith in themselves are not evil, or at odds with science and there is space for both things.

      But, I cannot agree with you that ALL atrocities were based on a warped version of faith, and that all actions of faith are therefore bad, or wrong. Actually, although the view in the USA and UK was that homosexuality is an illness, DID come from religion that was, at the time the basis for science. So those acting on it, most of the time believed in the science that because MOST people were straight, anyone who was not straight must be ill.

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. westyofoz says:

    I think it is sad so many people just want to see the bad in something and can be so blinded by that view, they can’t see the good underneath it all. Science, religion and faith do not have to be odds, unless people want it to be.

    • Paul C says:

      Yes so true and in fact, I have been surprised how evangelical atheists are as bad as evangelical Christians in terms of being “right” about everything.

  5. Jaime says:

    Thanks for your response Paul…but I must press you on a point….if religion was influencing science, and people were using that flawed science to condemn homosexuality asan illness..”then again…this is the fault of said religion. End of. I’m a Theist, unabashed, passionate. I hold many aspects of Christendom as sacred….at the same time, its use throughout the history of this world is unparalleled in its ferocity and abuses. That’s just historical fact. Now, there are some amazing religious people, for sure, but still, the larger message of Christianity has been diluted as such that’s known more for the damage it causes then the love it holds.

    • Paul C says:

      I agree with you my friend… it’s the way it is, religion has influenced science… but science now needs to influence religion and correct the mistakes and errors made in good faith. But not take away the fact that to some of us faith is a valuable part of our lives.

  6. catadeluxe says:

    Hey, Paul, sorry for the late reply.

    It indeed is a wonderful thing that is happening around the globe, as I see more and more gay people become or remain Christian. It is a shame that some priests don’t’ recognize your rights, and they believe they know their Bible, while in fact, they don’t deserve to be called “Christians”.
    Thanks for the reply, and thanks for showing me those awesome websites and restoring my faith in humanity!
    I’ll once buy a t-shit which says “I’m sorry the Church persecuted gay people in the past” and go with it into a LGBT rights celebrating festival.

    God bless! Have a wonderful life!

  7. Alma says:

    Hey Paul, the Gay Christian Europe site’s URL is : 🙂

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