…and this weeks catholic madness, 1+1 = 3

Posted: November 15, 2012 in LGBT Issues

When does one person in a loving relationship with another person equal 3 people. Well, if you’re the Pope. Apparently, being in a gay relationship is as bad as polygamy. Which is quite a shock. I did ask my boyfriend if there were two of him or was it two of me. But no, it turns out the Pope needs to go to Specsavers. The well known glasses shop so he can see how many people are in a gay relationship at one time.

Any church, catholic or otherwise that forces people to live in a certain way, that binds them up with laws, is, by nature, pharisaical in it’s very nature. The desire to please God just ends up as a pile of rules that people cannot keep. There is not “light burden” as Jesus described following him, there is no peace, or freedom. Just rules, if you don’t attend church you won’t go to heaven. If you don’t do this God won’t like you.

Perhaps it’s time, Pope, you went and read the Bible and sold everything you had to give to the poor. Perhaps you should sell those beautiful buildings to a different dictator. One who’s hate is perhaps motivated by a communist ideal rather than cheap shots in the name of God.

Look, I’m not a catholic, but as an Anglican I understand how hard it is when leaders of your church speak of you with disgust, it’s hard. It puts you down, it makes you feel small. So you either ignore them and move on, or leave the church, if you can call it a church at all.

Oh and on another topic, I had someone respond to my last post with some really interesting thoughts, but they were angry and included swear words in their comments and I could not approve them because of this. It’s really great if you disagree with me, I don’t mind, really, but if you include swear words then I’m afraid there is no way I can approve your comments.

  1. westyofoz says:

    One of the very few things Jesus condemned were the Pharisees. Ironically, so many Christians and their churches have become just that, pharisaical. A sad truth.

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