Women Bishops?

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Christian Ethics

Well folks I’m sure you’ve been holding your breath for the vote today on Women Bishops in the Anglican Church. This has always puzzled me. It is like wearing that dress and uniform, having a wage some how makes you a better or more qualified person than another person who works just as hard in the church for nothing.

See in my view, there have always been women bishops, archbishops, unrobed heroines of our faith, who have quietly changed the world without realising it. So if the Synod today vote to allow women bishops, they are simply confirming what has been going on for years. That in Christ we are all equal, we all access the Holy of Holies. You see being a bishop, a high priest of Christ is nothing at all to do with fancy robes, hymns, church organs or wages, it’s to do with how you serve your fellow man. How you live your life.

When I think of some of the amazing women who have influenced my life and those who still do. I hope the Anglican church today starts making official use of the wonderful resource that has been in the church for years.

(you never know, they might even allow people like me to have a relationship soon!).


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