A hard day.

Posted: December 11, 2012 in LGBT Issues

Today it was announced that everyone except the Church of England will be able, if they wish to, let LGBT people get married.

I suppose it was to be expected that this big old dinosaur of a church would be unable to move from its staunch “Marriage is Magic and fixes relationships” view. It condemns people like me to being alone for the rest of my life or resigning from the church. Acknowledging that whilst I am not gay by choice. I have the choice to act or not act on my natural attractions, and I should choose to be single and alone.

I frankly cannot cope with that thought, this gives me two choices:-

a. I leave the church of England and find a church that will allow me to live as an openly gay person, without condemning me or making me feel second class.
b. I stay and try and fight it out, to show that LGBT people are not “the devil incarnate bent on destroying marriages”, or NAZI’s who want to somehow change society for the worse.

At the moment I’m feeling mostly A with a little bit of B.

Will sleep on it.

  1. Well I would recommend the Ecumenical Catholic Communion under the Presiding Bishop Peter Hickman which has an Anglican rite. It is recognized as a legitimate faith community not just a bunch of queens in fancy dress playing “church” which most the so called “independent/Old Catholic” “groups” are! There are also some potential Anglican alternatives, and I do not mean the US Episcopal which is in really bad shape theologically with a very hateful PB, that may be available. Steady, just remember this they did to Jesus and do even now so you are in very good company!

  2. celticbishop says:

    I know it is in Germany and Poland I think and it may be in the UK. we have several members of the ECC in our All Saints and Souls FB group so I will ask.

  3. Paul C says:

    Incidentally, a lot of bishops as well are quite upset with the government about not consulting with the church before making such an announcement.

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