Christian Funerals for Gay people?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in LGBT Issues

One of the things I really struggle with this whole Gay Marriage issue is the fear I will not be able to have a Christian funeral. Although I don’t think it makes any difference to where you end up.  I worry that I might have to have a simple civil ceremony and that would be incredibly sad for someone who has tried so hard to serve God all their life.

It feels hard being a second class Christian as far as the church is concerned. I have actually withdrawn myself from taking communion. I’m a kind of all or nothing person. If I am not good enough to get married in church then why on earth would I be good enough to take communion with other Christians?

Although God does not deny me the Holy Spirit. Church itself by saying that I’m not good enough to be married in church, creates a second class of people, see, for people like me, Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, according to the Church, is good enough to take my sin, but not good enough to open the door for things like Christian Marriage. It seems his once for all sacrifice was wasted on me perhaps. I’m sad about this, I’m sad when I watch others going for communion but not feeling able to.

I did have a lovely lady in church who said to me she felt upset that I was not sharing with them. I explained my position, that as a second class Anglican, it was not my place to take communion with those who were straight. I think she understood it.


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