Bishops..supposed to be shepherds…turning into wolves.

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What is the role of a Bishop in the anglican church?

He is, like all overseers a shepherd of the flock, but it seems some bishops have forgotten that their flock includes LGBT people. The hatred which they target with their ill-thought out words and judgements are nothing like that of the loving care of a shepherd over his sheep.

What is also sad, is that the other shepherds upon seeing the behaviour of their fellow shepherds to the flock, do not appear to be making a lot of noise, or intervening, if you are LGBT then it is like a “postcode lottery” of how you will be accepted in your local church.

Bishops, you need to start being shepherds. Please, stop judging, start loving, stop destroying, start building, start relating, start understanding. Otherwise you may find that the Christ in whose name you proclaim such unreasonable hate, may dethrone you and put another in your place who WILL serve him and not their own biases and traditions, traditions formed not from biblical scholarship, but from cultural views not upheld or backed up by scripture.

Be warned those who oversee the flock, the master is coming soon and he will judge you for what you are doing.

God is not, like you think, narrow minded, he has many beautiful creations, that are not like you. Being gay, is a gift from God, just as being straight is a gift, and finding someone to show that gift, that love that he has given to me, will be the outworking of that gift.


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