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Is Gay too restrictive?

Posted: January 30, 2013 in LGBT Issues

Recently a young man came out at his prom and described himself as LGBT. Now that’s ofcourse impossible, you can’t be Lesbian if you’re a guy for a start! But it raised some questions for me. Firstly that I noticed I had started identifying myself as gay before identifying as Paul. Because Paul was a name and being gay is part of who I was, but only a small part. From the word gay you don’t get that I play in a band or two, I’m pretty ok at playing the mandolin, guitar and tin whistles. But gay doesn’t tell you that, it doesn’t tell you I’m a qualified first aider, a qualified chief fire marshal at my work and quite a few other things.

But my name doesn’t tell you that either, and is it, in fact, anyones business? I know a lot of religious people make it their business to know, it’s an easy way to condemn someone if you can get a label and stick it on them. I worry sometimes about young people, teenagers who pronounce their sexuality, I knew as young teenager mind you that I was different, that I was attracted to guys in a sexual way that my peers did not. But back then you didn’t talk about your feelings, especially if you are a guy, in fact, you positively hid the fact you might just be interested in those of the same sex.  Some however, grow out of it and change, sexuality can be a fluid thing. For me it has not been, but for some it is, so labelling yourself too young can be difficult to deal with in the future.

I think maybe in a hundred years there will be no labels.  Perhaps then we will all be secure with each other, the label will just be used when required, “Do  you want to go for a drink?”, “Sorry darling I’m gay”, “Oh”. Because perhaps then the struggle to be accepted and loved as we are will be over. Who knows.

I think we do need to identify different sexualities and gender assignments, lets just not do it to soon in someone’s life.


So, what’s happened?

Has God sent any disapproving tropical storms? Or earthquakes? No.

Has Belgium collapsed into anarchy? No.

Actually, it’s not the real birthday of same sex marriages till the 1st of June, but well done Belgium anyway.

Having lived there for a year, I can tell you it is a wonderful place, steeped in history, a place the Belgians should be proud of. There are some amazing cities and towns, rolling hills.

Thanks Belgium, hopefully the rest of the world will follow your example.

Well that sounds a bit like something from a Christmas Carol. But something has happened in the Christian church which I believe will have a major impact on the views of many Evangelical style Christians. His arguments are logical and approach the subject from quite a different perspective, instead of getting each of the six or so bible verses that appear to condemn gay people to eternal fire and damnation, he approaches it by looking at the way we treat other scriptures, such as the demands of Paul for women to be silent in church.

I sort of imagine the conversation “Don’t you know it says in scripture?”, “SSHHHH”, “what do you mean shhhh?”, “It also says women should be silent in church”, “Shhhh”.

Steve of course is a major part of the Evangelical church here in the United Kingdom, he’s a well known and much loved speaker. He’s someone, that to be honest I have respected for a long time. I just think that him making a stand for us, is so much like Jesus who made a stand for so many who were rejected and poor. Who stood up against the religious authorities of the time who thought it more important to worry about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s than the Love that is found in Christ. Focus on Love and you see things from a very different perspective than if you spend your time focusing on law.


Anyway, here’s the article, there is a good video on the website as well.

Church is changing, just as it changed from approving slavery. The core of our faith stays the same, but the frilly outer garments are changing.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Sounds like a step forward.

Well, I’m afraid it’s not. It’s conditional on your repenting of your past homosexuality and being celibate, being alone. I suspect they will put up CCTV in your bedroom to check it out.

Frankly, it’s like saying

GAY=BE ALONE and then you can be a bishop. Frankly I don’t think the price is worth it. Loneliness is a killer, I know, I feel it. Straight people asking gay people to be alone to keep their odd 6 verses misinterpreted out of context happy is not only unchristian, but just proves that some Christians do not understand or want to understand Contextual Theology (my own term), this is where you never take a verse away from the context which it is written, wether cultural or part of something else. For instance, Leviticus where it says a man shall not lie with a man as with a women, is in the context of the worship of Molech (check the verses before).

Frankly, yet again the love of Christ presented by the Church of England to people like me is not unconditional, the cross, is not good enough to cover our faults and sins (things that distance us from God), unless you are straight, if you are gay, God can only accept you if you behave in a certain way, according to the Anglican Church. Jesus, I’m sorry buddy but on the cross when you said “It is finished”, what you meant, according to the Anglicans is “It is finished unless your Gay and then we want to condemn you and make you feel unworthy unless you wear our cassocks and play our silly games”.

I don’t want a marriage that is based on some cock a hoot idea that it will fix the world, because it doesn’t, I don’t want to be a bishop, frankly, if it wasn’t for the love of my church that I go to I would not want to be in church. I certainly wouldn’t be seen dead in a cathedral, they are simply not places for LGBT people.

Jesus never once asked someone to be celibate. Not once. He majored on love and acceptance not conditional rejection.

In reality, they are doing absolutely NOTHING new, single males are already allowed to be bishops, they are just making sure they are the right “kind” of single.