Is Gay too restrictive?

Posted: January 30, 2013 in LGBT Issues

Recently a young man came out at his prom and described himself as LGBT. Now that’s ofcourse impossible, you can’t be Lesbian if you’re a guy for a start! But it raised some questions for me. Firstly that I noticed I had started identifying myself as gay before identifying as Paul. Because Paul was a name and being gay is part of who I was, but only a small part. From the word gay you don’t get that I play in a band or two, I’m pretty ok at playing the mandolin, guitar and tin whistles. But gay doesn’t tell you that, it doesn’t tell you I’m a qualified first aider, a qualified chief fire marshal at my work and quite a few other things.

But my name doesn’t tell you that either, and is it, in fact, anyones business? I know a lot of religious people make it their business to know, it’s an easy way to condemn someone if you can get a label and stick it on them. I worry sometimes about young people, teenagers who pronounce their sexuality, I knew as young teenager mind you that I was different, that I was attracted to guys in a sexual way that my peers did not. But back then you didn’t talk about your feelings, especially if you are a guy, in fact, you positively hid the fact you might just be interested in those of the same sex.  Some however, grow out of it and change, sexuality can be a fluid thing. For me it has not been, but for some it is, so labelling yourself too young can be difficult to deal with in the future.

I think maybe in a hundred years there will be no labels.  Perhaps then we will all be secure with each other, the label will just be used when required, “Do  you want to go for a drink?”, “Sorry darling I’m gay”, “Oh”. Because perhaps then the struggle to be accepted and loved as we are will be over. Who knows.

I think we do need to identify different sexualities and gender assignments, lets just not do it to soon in someone’s life.


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