What did Jesus really mean by church?

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Christian Ethics

Being a good Anglican, I often look at the activities of church and wonder if it really is what Jesus intended.

I mean, did he intend for stately expensive buildings that remain empty most of the week while the homeless freeze? Did he really mean there to be some amazing huge place called Rome where the church lavished itself with gold? Was he really keen that Christians focused on hating particular groups in society because of their sexuality, gender, dress, social class or anything else that made them different?

I think not.

Jesus, he was a carpenter, in the Indiana Jones movie, Indiana has to find a cup amongst many golden cups in a chamber, to find the correct one, the cup of Christ, he would survive, if he chose the wrong one, he would die.

The cup of Christ was not laden with gold and jewels, but was a simple, wooden cup. The cup of a carpenter and perhaps church is after all about being people of the carpenter. Without expensive things, without judgement, a simple, wooden life, based on his love and compassion, reaching out to the very people the established church rejects with love and compassion.

Love the sinner, hate the sin, was in fact invented by Ghandi, and is incredibly difficult to do as everyone sins, everyone turns from God. So we should trust in Christ’s sacrifice to cover our sin and get on with loving each other.

(personal message starts)

Lovely boyfriend, love you looking forward to seeing you later.

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  1. Alan Bainbridge says:

    Hi Paul that is a very interesting article, I think the same as you. Alan.

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