PaulK is no longer ex-gay.

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I think for me this summarises what happens when God touches someone who is caught in the Evangelical mistake of making people into something they are not.

Jesus said that he sought worshippers that worship him in spirit and in truth. You can’t worship God in truth if, in fact, you are lying. Our sexuality is part of who we are and you  know, God can cope with it, he can cope with the fact that not all of us are straight, or comfortable with our gender identity. Because we are free to be ourselves before God, in his presence, because, that is how he sees us. As we are. Just as I am, without one plea.

As I reflect on the people who over the years tried to help me “be straight”, with advice that if I got married I would become straight, are sadly mistaken, but ofcourse, PaulK will tell you, this is their journey. Sadly I expect PaulK and myself share the regrets of not living our lives to the full before God because we were caught up in a strange kind of legalism that takes odd verses out of the Bible and creates a false theology.

A simple application of logic shows that you cannot expect everyone to conform to the straight sexuality model often put out by churches and other religions, some people are simply not straight.

I often had many unanswered questions as I grew up as a Christian. I didn’t understand why we ignored one part of the Bible, but majored on another like it was more important.

I hope that Paulk does manage to find a partner and not spend his life alone. Being alone is hard. I know why God said “it is not good for a man to be alone” in Genesis. But we all need the best helper for us.



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